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Haynello is a reliable and respectful team who do all that they can to help create your ideal wedding. Your wedding deserves to be photographed by an amazing team of  photographers and with Haynello, you can relax knowing they will beautifully capture every detail and moment. 

“ create the moments you want to remember forever”

Haynello is a husband and wife team of photographers who love capturing the happiest of moments for couples in love. Their style and approach to photography is best described as candid, modern and all about having a good time.

'haynello' is a combination of the creators surnames.

{ Hay + nello } 

About Haynello

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Our clients have described us as 'literally the nicest people ever' and that makes us so happy! We are always smiling and laughing and never take ourselves too seriously. We both have chill personalities and are not the loud and intrusive type of photographers. We give prompts and direction where needed but mostly photograph as the day unfolds. 

Here are 5 things that we love outside of photography: no particular order...
1. Drinking too much coffee
2. Rewatching The Office 
3. Buying more plants
4. Spending time with family and friends 5. Exploring new places 

If you love what you're reading and feel that we're a great match, reach out to us and let's create something amazing! 

There's so much fun and romance involved and words can't describe how amazing it is to tell a couples story through images. We get to experience new locations, new stories and meet amazing new people. We really do love what we do and love it even more because we get to work together, and that's awesome because we're best friends.

We've been together for years and tied the knot in January 2021. Despite already being wedding photographers, we learnt so much more about the industry by being on the other side and planning our own wedding. Here's a little word of advice, be sure to trust in what you and your partner want and create the day that's perfect for you both, not anyone else.

Owners & Photographers

Olivia & Nathan

The Team

We're Olivia and Nathan, but you can call us Liv and Nath. We're the creators of Haynello and the photographers behind the camera. We're a husband and wifey team who created Haynello after discovering our love for photographing others in love. 


Your wedding is an
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